At saravini we believe, that healthy and happy people need healthy and great tasting food. Such food needs first class furniture to keep it at optimal temperatures and to provide a perfect presentation. saravini manufactures unique refrigeration furniture to keep food fresh and delicious.

We are …

experts in the fast manufacture of tempered, custom-made convenience food furniture, which keeps ultra-fresh, cold and warm food, always perfectly presented. From the concept to the individual series

… your 30-90-500 partner


You are looking for furniture
that fits perfectly into
your concept?


Furniture, tailored to your Corporate Design, the available space,
the food and so on?

Do you need a 100% concept? Do you have no time to lose?
Do you want the best possible service?

100 bild


No matter what you need,
together we will find your
optimal solution.


e.g. optimal solution NOA Aachen - Coolseller

Position in the store


focus a b c

A | area in front of the cash register

B | centrally located in the fresh food area
C | area in front of the service department

Our designers put the food first and then design the best possible showcase to surround it. Every concept is client driven and every detail of our clients‘ concepts is realized. The food is the star of the display deck.

Optimal solution NOA Aachen - Coolseller
4 showcases with 4 zones of temperature on 1 m² footprint
 coolseller achen

Your idea and specifications
are developed into the optimal


Shape and function exactly corresponds to your specifications. We never
compromise design, size, or
food presentation.



YOUR 30-90-500 PARTNER

30  days and the pilot series is ready for you.
90  days and you can start the roll-out.



Once we get your okay, manufacturing can begin. The Roll-Out can start after 90 days.

up to
units a year.

Convenience Food Furniture
Individual series
up to 500 units a year.


cold or warm | self-serve or served | Position in the middle
of the store, on the wall, or as a cabinet | plug-in or remote |
any materials | corporate design and brand compliant

food moebel


100% tempered.


The predetermined temperature is law for us. Whether chilled, warm
or hot, the food gets the perfect surround.

figures - data - facts in concrete form:
e.g. "display-deck per m2 - 400 smoothies or 74 tramezzini"


bottle index
tramezzini index


100% shape and function.
All data are transparent and everything that is measurable will be measured.
Upon request, you will receive

· m2 (display deck)
· W (cooling capacity, electric capacity)
· kWh (power demand)
· A (current consumption)
· Lumen-Kelvin (lighting)
· dB (noise level)
· Nm (mechanical performance)
· kg (weight, doors - weight to be pulled)
· mm/s (speed of closing the flaps)
· m/s (air circulation)
· UU-Wert (heat transfer resistance)
· cos phi (active power fact)
· l (volume)





Cool, stylish, profitable

Drink-Chiller doubles-sales!

During the summer season customers buy more to-go drinks. The little bottles increase revenue, especially when perfectly chilled and presented in a nice way like inside the Drink Chiller, that attracts attention. During a testing phase in June this year ice-tea sales, cooled in the Drink-Chiller, could be doubled at a service station in Carinthia (Lagerhaus Landskron). (reference period May 2016 and June 2015).

Optimal equipment

The Drink Chiller is a newly designed and fancy cube with a capacity of 160 bottles (0,5 l) or 240 cans at a correct cooling temperature of 6°C (climate category 3 M2). The all-round glazing gives full insight and the LED with 3000 ° K perfect light effects.

Design and functionality

The space-saving plug-in cube with external dimensions of 640 x 640 cm can be placed strategically favourable and changed easily because equipped with rolls. The Drink-Chiller with its new design is a market newcomer and certainly a design object in the store that will not pass unnoticed but provably stimulate impulse buying.


CL Drink Chiller





Service guarantee


We are always available for our “individual series” customers knowing that it is important to have quick and optimal solutions for every problem. With our network of professional service partners we can guarantee a reliable service round the clock.
24/7 Hotline: +43 4242 36 340 24



In the right place at the right
time - worldwide delivery from 5 days after order on.


Whether on land, by sea or in the air – we can deliver worldwide at least 5 days from order. We can rely on wide experience in collaboration with international logistic companies, provide our customers perfect and individual logistic packages and also information and help with global transports.



Technical data and spare parts with SOST






We provide our customers with the saravini Online Service Tool (SOST). The saravini products are furnished with QR Codes and thereby with all technical data and relevant information about our furniture. With SOST our customers can retrieve round the clock an all over the world instruction manuals, service notes and also spare-part specifications, no matter where they are.

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